JUNE, the Studio Room Spray

JUNE, the Studio Room Spray


Matching the candle, here is June, the fragranced room spray! 

This unique scent was created over six months using fragranced oils from Grasse, in France, the renowned capital of perfume.

It will take you on a trip to the French Atlantic coast, where the mimosa and the helichrysum are swept by the sea breeze, and warmed up by a hint of patchouli reminiscing of the sun soaked dunes. 

The bottle was designed to be displayed proudly. It has soft rounded shoulders and a brass tone cap, home to the golden fragrance. It sprays a very fine mist, and the concentrated formula only requires a couple of spritzes to fill the atmosphere.

The room spray is poured by hand in the studio in very small batches. 

Limited edition

100 ml 


Spray in the air, whenever you feel like it. Avoid spraying directly on fabrics or furniture. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Photo credit : Morgane Lay

Packshots : Traffic Jam Studio

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